The packing and packaging of marble are integral parts of its production and distribution process. Here is some basic information about the packing and packaging of marble.

Importance of Packing:

  • Packing and packaging marble is crucial to protect it during transportation, storage, and distribution.
  • The packaging is designed to maintain the integrity of marble pieces, preventing damage and breakage during handling and transit.

Packaging Materials

  • Various packaging materials are used depending on the size, shape, and transportation method of marble pieces.
  • Common materials include durable plastics (such as polyethylene and polypropylene), bubble wrap, protective films, and rigid panels for added protection.

Packing Methods:

Bandals :

  • Identifying Slabs for Banding: Determine which slabs or tiles will be banded. Bandals are often used for large slabs that are difficult to handle manually.
  • Securing Bandals to Slabs: Bandals are tightly secured around the edges of the slabs. They need to be strong enough to bear the weight of the slabs securely.
  • Securing and Fastening: After applying the bandals, additional strapping or adhesive tapes are used to further secure the bandals around the slabs. This prevents slippage or unwanted movement during transportation.
  • Instructions and Labeling: Clear instructions should be provided on how to handle the bandals and remove them upon arrival at the destination. Labels can be used to indicate the proper sequence for removing bandals to avoid damage during unloading.

Boxes :

  • Usage: Small tiles or pieces of marble and granite are often packed in cardboard boxes.
  • Construction: Boxes are usually reinforced and lined with padding to prevent movement and cushion against impacts.
  • Advantages: Lightweight and cost-effective for smaller items. Easily recyclable.

Plallets :

  • Using strapping to secure the slabs.
  • Protecting corners with plastic or cardboard corner protectors.
  • Wrapping the pallet with stretch wrap to maintain stability.
  • Providing clear shipping labels and handling instructions.


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