Production ​

The production of marble involves several important steps for extracting and manufacturing this luxurious natural material.


  • Marble is extracted from quarries, which are areas where marble naturally occurs in rock formations. Heavy machinery is used to transport large blocks of marble from the quarries to processing facilities.

Processing and Cutting

  • Once extracted, the marble blocks are transported to workshops where they are cut and shaped into various sizes and shapes. Advanced equipment such as crushers and large electric saws are used for this purpose.


  • After cutting, marble undergoes finishing processes which include polishing the surface to achieve a smooth and glossy finish. Special treatments may also be applied to enhance its resistance to wear or improve its final color.


  • Finished marble pieces are assembled and installed in various locations such as floors, walls, countertops, and desks using specialized adhesives.


  • Marble requires regular maintenance to preserve its appearance and quality over time. This includes regular cleaning, polishing, and necessary repairs for any damage or breakage



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